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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How to use PharmaKU?

To use PharmaKU, you need a single whole genome VCF file. PharmaKU assumes that the uploaded VCF has a coverage greater than 30X for optimum results. PharmaKU gives you the option of uploading the file in hg19 of GrCh38 reference genome format. The upload may take few minutes depending on the size of the file and the internet speed. The output report in PDF format is automatically downloaded on completion.

Can I upload a zipped vcf file?

Yes. Compressed vcf file in .vcf.gz format is preferred over a normal vcf file, as the upload time is much reduced.

Can I use multi-sample vcf file?

No. PharmaKU is designed for generating individualized pharmacogenomics report. Hence providing multi-sample vcf can result in error.

Is batch upload supported by PharmaKU?

No. Currently, PharmaKU supports only single vcf file uploads

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